Member Garden Tour — Rita and Phil Venable

| Garden Tour

When: Saturday, June 22, 2024, 9 AM – 11 AM CDT

Where:  Cool Springs area of Franklin (address will be send to registrants)

Registration:  at

The garden and landscape of Rita and Phil Venable is in suburban Franklin near the Cool Springs mall. This garden will showcase three main ideas. One idea  is how to cut down on your lawn by cutting it in half. The second idea is how to recover from the removal of 40’ pin oak trees (diseased, had to be removed) and transitioning from a shade garden to a sun garden using mostly native plants. The third idea is how to use native plants in the landscape to help control erosion and provide habitat for pollinators.

Rita and Phil must work within the guidelines of their HOA and want to do it in a friendly way that is also in step with the neighborhood.

Rita and Phil live in the Cool Springs area in Franklin. Address information will be sent to registrants.

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