February 2019 Meeting: Conserving and Restoring Native Habitats on Private Lands

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Monday, February 25th, 2019
to (Central Time)

Cynthia Rohrbach, Project Manager and Biologist with the Swan Conservation Trust, will give a presentation on "Conserving and Restoring Native Habitats on Private Lands: Hardwood Forests, Remnant Grasslands, and Wetlands."

Swan Conservation Trust

Swan Conservation Trust was founded as a 501c3 land trust in 1992 when there were only a handful of land trusts in Tennessee. The original conservation focus has been in the headwaters of Big Swan and Big Bigby Creeks in Lewis County, although their mission extends to the Western Highland Rim. With a history of being an all-volunteer organization, Swan Trust has nevertheless had great success in fundraising to purchase and conserve large tracts of deciduous forest; obtaining state and federal grants to convert bottomland hayfields to native warm season grasses; partnering with private landowners to cooperatively restore and manage a remnant prairie; and obtaining TDOT mitigation funds to preserve and enhance wetlands on Big Swan Headwaters Preserve. Educating the public through outings to their own Preserves as well as numerous natural areas in Middle Tennessee is now being expanded to include water quality studies, birding, and botanizing with children.  Cynthia Rohrbach, one of the original founders, will show and tell about Swan Trust.

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