Wildflower Hike at Taylor Hollow SNA

This event has ended
Saturday, April 13th, 2019
to (Central Time)

Roger McCoy, Director Division of Natural Areas, will lead a hike at Taylor Hollow State Nature Area near Westmoreland, TN.  Limited to 18 hikers at the request of the Division of Natural Areas.

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As the first property acquired by the Tennessee Chapter of the Nature Conservancy, Taylor Hollow State Natural Area protects a high-quality cove where visitors can experience how Middle Tennessee’s pre-settlement spring flora may have appeared. Attendees of this excursion will review the names of different wildflowers, observe the state-endangered blue-eyed Mary, learn how to distinguish between different species, and discuss the environmental variables that influence forest species composition. The hike consists of about two miles at a slow to moderate pace and those accustomed to hiking should have little difficulty. The hike will last from two to three hours with stops to enjoy, photograph, and learn about wildflowers. The route crosses one shallow stream, so wear suitable footwear. Dress appropriately for the weather and bring water and snacks. Trained in botany, trip leader Roger McCoy has conducted rare species inventories and ecological community sampling throughout Tennessee.

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