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Neighbors for Native Plants

Neighbors for Native Plants Date: Monday, February 26, 2024 at 7:00 PM CST, GPS (36.06396, -86.74473) Location: The Ed Jones Auditorium in the Ellington Ag Center (416 Hogan Road, Nashville) Zoom Link Our speakers for this meeting will be Bieke Puncochar and Bethany Crandell who both live in East Nashville. They are founders, along with […] Continue reading "Neighbors for Native Plants"

August 2023 Monthly Meeting

Our August chapter meeting will feature a presentation by Jason Allen: Tour of the Cedar Glades Jason will present a slideshow tour of the cedar glades of Middle Tennessee.  He will talk about the wildflowers, nightjars, and other unique features of these globally unique ecosystems. Bio: Jason Allen is a writer, editor, filmmaker and naturalist. […] Continue reading "August 2023 Monthly Meeting"

July 2023 Chapter Meeting

Our July meeting will feature a presentation by our Vice President, Donnie Bryan: Year-Round Gardening with Native Plants to Support Pollinators and Wildlife Donnie will feature his own terraced hillside shady backyard that utilizes both woody and perennial plants and has included a water feature that includes the rare Bigleaf Grass-of-Parnassus. Bio:  Donnie Bryan was a […] Continue reading "July 2023 Chapter Meeting"

May 2023 Meeting

  Our May meeting will be via Zoom on May 22, 2023 from 7:00 – 8:30 PM CDT. Rita Venable will give a presentation on A Home for Butterflies What kind of real estate do butterflies look for when choosing a home? Do they like what they see, smell and taste at your garden or […] Continue reading "May 2023 Meeting"

April 2023 Meeting

The Abbottsford Butterfly Garden Ashley Cantrell The Butterfly Garden in the Abbottsford subdivision in Nashville was installed in May, 2021 and established quickly thanks to the predominance of native plants.  Ashley will discuss the elements of her garden, including plant selection and their appeal to middle Tennessee butterflies, skippers, moths, and hummingbirds.  Some varieties of […] Continue reading "April 2023 Meeting"

March 2023 Chapter Meeting

Wasps an under-appreciated pollinator Richard Hitt, President Wild Ones Middle Tennessee Chapter Richard will begin by revealing his “gateway” wasp and discussing several of its amazing features. After a discussion of the close evolutionary relationship among wasps, bees, and ants, Richard will cover the difficulties that arise in trying to understand wasps as a group. […] Continue reading "March 2023 Chapter Meeting"

December 2022 Meeting: Swan Conservation Trust

Conserving and Restoring Native Habitats on Private Lands: Hardwood Forests, Remnant Grasslands, and Wetlands Cynthia Rohrbach Swan Conservation Trust Cynthia Rohrbach, Project Manager and Biologist with the Swan Conservation Trust, will give a presentation on “Conserving and Restoring Native Habitats on Private Lands: Hardwood Forests, Remnant Grasslands, and Wetlands.” The Swan Conservation Trust was founded […] Continue reading "December 2022 Meeting: Swan Conservation Trust"